Massage, Sports & Everyday Life – A Faster, Less Painful Recovery!

With the Dublin Marathon taking place this bank holiday weekend, we feel it’s appropriate to talk about the therapeutic benefits of massage after a particularly hard bout of exercise. There will be a lot of people booking in massages for Tuesday and the days afterwards to ease the pain that comes with such a massive achievement. Completing a marathon, or participating in any sport at a high level, brings with it a huge sense of achievement, but it often come at a cost: stiffness and soreness in your working muscles for weeks on end, a constant reminder of your valiant efforts.

Delayed Onset Muscle Sorness

The most common cause of this stiffness and soreness in your muscles is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), which we describe as pain that develops in muscles approximately 8-12 hours after exercise. While we remain in the dark about the exact causes, we believe that DOMS is caused by the inflammation of the muscle and surrounding tissue in response to exercise.  During all forms of strenuous exercise, your muscles are broken down and rebuilt anew – stronger and thicker than before, therefore inflammation is an inevitable part of muscle building. But that’s small comfort when your feeling stiff and uncomfortable with reduced mobility & flexibility in the days afterwards.

Where Massage Comes In

We all know that receiving a massage from someone with good hands who knows that their doing is extremely rewarding. They can release knots in your back, and make everyday aches and pains seem far far away. With specific regard to exercise, massage has been shown to reduce swelling in the working muscles after exercise, which occurs as a result of the inflammation we talked about earlier. Massage can also reduce the severity of the pain experience as a result of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness by up to 30%. Massage helps you feel a more full recovery and helps you feel that recovery faster.

Massage is not just for athletes and people pushing themselves to achieve sporting excellence. The majority of us go to bed with everyday aches and pains in our necks, our lower backs and our legs from simple everyday activities. Repetitive tasks, like the ones you do everyday, will likely tend to leave you with some muscles tight and tense, while others are left weak and loose. Massage can help loosen out those tight muscles and physiotherapy can help identify and strengthen up those weak ones. So book yourself a massage with the experts at Flynn Medical Exercise today. We do therapeutic or sports massages either in clinic or in your home – whichever you prefer. We’ll give you a special discount if you book your next one on the day, and lets face it – you deserve it after all your hard work, whether you were running a marathon, lifting weights, or just on your feet all day.


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