Take to Exercise This New Year

As the first day of a new year approaches, we’re all thinking about how we can become a fitter, healthier person in 2016. No doubt exercising regularly features somewhere near the top of your list. Joining a gym or buying some home equipment often seems like the easiest option, but doesn’t work out for the vast majority of us – we need help to motivate ourselves to do the exercise in the first instance, and then someone to push us to do the right amount!

At Flynn Medical Exercise, we’ve developed a  number of different exercise options, each of which are uniquely suited to getting you on the right track in 2016!


Exercise Classes

Classes are a fun way to get the regular workouts you need in a cost effective way. Exercising with a group helps keep you motivated and ensures that you finish your planned workout!  Delivered by physiotherapists with limited class sizes (to ensure individual attention), these sessions help tone your muscles and reduce your risk of suffering with everyday aches and pains!

  • Drop-in classes: €15 each
  • 6 classes: €75 (1 FREE!)

Click here for information on the two different types of classes, and for the most up-to-date schedule.

Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
10:00-11:00 Theraband Class Theraband Class Stretching& Posture Stretching& Posture —– —–
18:00-19:00 Theraband Class Theraband Class Stretching& Posture Stretching& Posture —– —–

Individual Exercise Therapy

Would you prefer NOT to do your workouts in a group? Well then we’ve got a solution for you! Its common not to feel comfortable exercising in a group, so don’t worry. Our private exercise sessions are individually tailored to your ability & your goals, and all sessions are planned & delivered by physiotherapists. As health care professionals, we’re the experts on safe, healthy, effective exercise, so you’re in good hands with us!

  • Individual Exercise Session: €50 each
  • 6 sessions: €250 (1 FREE!)
  • 12 sessions: €450 (3 FREE!)

Click here for some more information on our Individual Exercise Sessions.


Exercise & Lung Function Test

Are you starting a new exercise programme, and want to measure your progress over the weeks and months ahead? Why not come into us for a complete fitness assessment! It’ll give you the complete picture of how healthy your body is, and all our measurements are essential health indicators, so you’ll know you’ve made yourself healthier! What is measured:

  1. Weight & Height
  2. Body Mass Index
  3. Percentage Body Fat
  4. Lung Function Test
  5. Exercise  Fitness Test
  • Full Health & Fitness Assessment: €95

Click here for more information on our Health & Fitness Assessments.

Massage Therapy

Starting a new exercise programme will undoubtedly leave you feeling stiff and sore. What better way to reward yourself than with a 30 or 60 min Therapeutic and Sports Massage! All our massages are delivered by physiotherapists, and there’s no incense, candles or funky music. We’re the experts at relieving sore & tired muscles and will leave you feeling refreshed & re-energised! It’s also a great way of managing and preventing injuries, which are common when you start a new exercise programmes.

  • 30 mins Therapeutic & Sports Massage: €50
  • 60 mins Therapeutic & Sports Massage: €80

Click here for more information on our Therapeutic and Sports Massages. 

We hope to see you soon at Flynn Medical Exercise! From all of us, Happy New Year!



The picture at the top of this page is from The Irish Times Health Supplement from Tuesday December 29th 2015: Click here to read that article.


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