Principles on Weight Reduction and How I Apply them to my Patients

Everywhere you look there’s theories, fads and quick solutions regarding the quickest and most effective ways to lose weight. It can be extremely difficult to wade through all of it and come up with a weight loss programme for yourself, especially if you’re not a health care professional. As an experienced chartered physiotherapist, weight management falls directly into my area of expertise. I’ve been researching and applying my knowledge about weight loss since the days of my college thesis, and I’m going to tell you how I approach my patients who need to lose weight.

Postural Muscle Strengthening

If you’re carrying extra weight, chances are that you’ve experienced some associated lower back pain and/or knee pain. The primary benefit of strengthening your postural muscles is that it will reduce this pain.  When I say postural muscles, I’m mainly talking about your abdominal muscles, the muscles at the back of your hips, your thigh muscles and the muscles around your shoulder blades. Stronger muscles are able to bear more weight and consequently your joints have less weight to bear. You’ll feel less aches and pains which in turn will make it easier to exercise. It’s a win win.

4 pt core Opposite

The secondary benefit of strengthening these postural muscles is that there will be an increase in your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). BMR refers to the amount of calories that your body is spending every day to maintain the muscle you already have. The bigger your muscles are, the more calories that will be spent in this way. Therefore postural muscle strengthening will help you burn more calories and thus lose weight


Exercise Intensity Determined by Heart Rate

In the absence of any severe heart conditions, your heart rate is the most accurate indication of how hard your body is working to perform a particular exercise. When designing and leading individual weight management sessions, I lead patients to work at 80% of their Estimated Maximum Heart Rate (EMHR) for short periods of time: roughly 20 minutes. If you’re reaching that heart rate goal, then you’re burning enough calories to lose weight, and exercising for 20 minutes is psychologically much easier than exercising for 60 minutes. It’s also much easier to fit into your daily schedule, which is a big factor as well.

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Direct, Physiotherapy-Led Sessions

One of the hardest things to do when you’re trying to lose weight is to choose your exercises. If you’re on your own or searching online, chances are you’ll end up with a repetitive regime of exercises, and even the most effective exercise can get boring after a couple of sessions. To combat that, I lead my patients directly through each session, so all they have to do is show up. I monitor their heart rate continuously, and modify the exercises as needed to increase or decrease intensity. I individually design each exercise programme tailored to that patient’s history of aches and pains as well as their physical ability. So all my patients have to do is follow my lead.

No Shortcuts

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, then there are no shortcuts. The most natural way to lose that weight is to burn those calories off. If you want to become a patient of mine, give me a call, text or email. You can come for a no-obligation fitness assessment where you’ll meet me, do a simple exercise test and talk about what my Weight Management Approach could do for you. I give every 6th individual weight loss session free, and I charge €50 per session. No gimmicks, just hard work and well earned results. Are you ready?

Seán Flynn

Senior Physiotherapist

PH: 0861546175



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