Running Diaries #1 – Marlay Park


The Background

I’m always telling my patients to exercise more, so I’ve decided to lead by example. I used to do a fair bit of running in my teens and early twenties for my club, school and college, but not so much recently.

The Goal

This coming year I’ll be going for a run every Monday and sharing my experience here with you in the Running Diaries. I’ll be running in a variety of beautiful locations around South Dublin to keep it new and exciting each week.

Run #1 – Marlay Park

This a beautiful, big park in South County Dublin. As well as some stunning waterfalls, rivers and lakes it also has a great path all the way around which is ideal for pushing a buggy or wheelchair. The outside loop is approximately 3.5km, and there are various trails and tracks throughout the middle of the park as well. I took a route which amounted to a total of 5km which took me around the outside of the park as well as through the middle. This route is mostly flat and not too muddy. This park can get quite busy at peak times, but if you go early in the morning you’ll have the park mostly to yourself!

img-20170103-wa0006Flynn Tip #1 – Goal Setting

If you’re looking to set yourself an exercise goal for the coming year, then here is one important tip that will make you more likely to succeed. Focus your goal on making one small change to your weekly routine. 

  • AVOID focusing your goal around your weight, fitness or running duration because we inevitably aim too high and make our goals unreachable, which sets us back.
  • AVOID trying to make more than one change to your weekly routine at a time. Start with one item (like a weekly run) and wait 4-6 weeks before adding in your second item (like a weekly swim). Success breeds success, no matter how small!








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