Why You Should Take Up Running!


Pay a visit to your local park and I guarantee you a large proportion of other park users will be jogging or running. An extremely popular form of exercise, running is a form of exercise enjoyed by all ages. Why is running so popular, and why should you try it for yourself?

It’s Inexpensive!

In order to go for a run, all you need is your running clothing! If you’re going to start running regularly, then purchasing a good pair of running shoes is a good investment. I personally choose Asics runners as I find they last longer and give good cushioning for my feet. Getting yourself a high-visibility waterproof jacket is also well worth the money.

You don’t have to become a member of a gym, saving you more money! You don’t need to buy any equipment for your home unless you want to run indoors on a treadmill. Be aware that running on a treadmill puts you at increased risk of injury compared with normal ground running. All of these factors make running an affordable and accessible form of exercise.

Requires Little Time

All you have to do is get dressed and run right out your front door. Running for as little as 30 minutes 2-3 times each week is enough to afford you significant, meaningful health and body benefits. You only have to get in the car if you want to run somewhere specific, which is a luxury but not a necessity. If you’re bringing your children/grandchildren to one of their weekly activities, you could always go for a run while they’re doing their soccer or ballet practice, so everyone gets the exercise that they need!

Workout Variability

With running, it’s very easy to vary your workout intensity. If you’re running on your own, you get to dictate how fast you have to run. You don’t have to keep up with anyone if you don’t want too. If you get too tired or too out of breath, you can always stop and walk. Then when you’re ready, you can start running again. When running, you should still be able to talk but not be able to hold a conversation – this is how you know you’re working hard enough!

You can work running into your weekly routine relatively easy. You could start running to work on one or more days a week, and arrange to get public transport or a lift home on that day(s). You could also bring clothes with you to try going for a run on your lunch break. I guarantee that if you start running at lunchtime in your workplace, you’ll find someone else who will want to join you!

If you do want to run farther or faster, it’s really easy to join a running group or a running club in your area. Running with a group makes you run at a higher speed and will almost certainly motivate you to run longer.

Explore Nature

You can jog or run pretty much anywhere, and that’s no exaggeration! We’re lucky to live in an area with beautiful trails, routes and parks all of which are ideal for trying to do some running. Trying to run in a new location when you have the time is a fantastic way to keep your exercise exciting and interesting.

Healthier Body

Of course, your body will benefit in so many ways if you choose to take up running. Your bones will be thicker and stronger, which reduces your risk of Osteoporosis (brittle bones). Running is a whole body exercises, which means it burns a lot of calories and raises your heart rate significantly – both of which contribute to a slimmer, fitter you! You’ll see physical improvements all over your body, including your legs, tummy and arms.

Happier Mind

In the last couple of years the discussion of mental health has become a major public issue. One of the reasons for the increased incidence of these mental health issues is that we are all exercising less than we should be. Taking up running will help to reduce your stress levels, improve your mood and increase your sleep quality and duration. It will also improve your brain function long term, so it’s another great investment in your future!

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