8/12: How To Improve A Thoracic Kyphosis 

The Answer

Stretch your thoracic vertebrae. These are the bones in your middle and upper spine.

The Exercise

Sit up straight without support behind your lower back. Place your hands on your shoulders, such that your right hand is on your right shoulder and your left hand is on your left shoulder.

Lift both of your arms, trying to point your elbows up towards the sky. Keep your head facing forward.

The Stretch

You should feel the stretch in the centre of your middle and/or upper back.

The Duration

Hold for 30 seconds.

The Repetitions

Repeat 3 times. 10 second rest in between stretches.

But… Why?

This exercise is particularly important for people who sit at a desk all day or who drive for a living.

It is also very important for people with a diagnosis of osteoporosis to prevent a permanent hunchback posture

The Area

This easy exercise will help your upper back by increasing flexibility and mobility of the bones in your spine.

The Relief

This exercise will relieve pain in your upper back (thoracic spine).

The Injuries

The injuries which would be helped by this stretch include:

  • Thoracic Kyphosis (postural abnormality)
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • T4 syndrome
  • Thoracic joint/muscle sprain
  • The Relaxation

    All of the exercises in this program are designed to facilitate stress relief, relaxation and meditation if desired. Take this you-time to allow yourself to unwind while taking long, slow deep breaths throughout the exercise.

    The Program

    This exercise is part of my daily thirty minute Flexibility & Posture program. Its a balanced, light program which I have designed on the back of successfully prescribing exercises for thousands of patients so far.

    You will be able to access the full program here on November 25th 2019.

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