12/12: How To Warm Up Before Your Stretching

The Answer

Dynamic full-body exercise. One way of doing this is Gorilla Reaches. I start off all my classes with a short set of these.

The Exercise

Stand up tall, with your feet directly underneath your hips. Simultaneously bend your knees, reach your hands to the ground and breathe in. Hold for 1 second. Simultaneously straighten your knees, reach your hands up towards the sky a d breathe out.

The Burn

You should feel your whole body working lightly, and your body temperature rising.

The Duration

Repeat for 2 minutes at a steady, comfortable pace.

But… Why?

By increasing your body temperature, before stretching particularly, your muscles will stretch easier and further. You are also less likely to overstretch them.

The Area

Doing this exercise everyday will mildly improve your cardiovascular fitness.

The Relaxation

All of the exercises in this program are designed to facilitate stress relief, relaxation and meditation if desired. Take this you-time to allow yourself to unwind while taking long, slow deep breaths throughout the exercise.

The Program

This is the final exercise in my daily thirty minute Flexibility & Posture program. Its a balanced, light program which I have designed on the back of successfully prescribing exercises for thousands of patients so far.

You will be able to access the full program here on November 25th 2019.

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