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Seán Flynn MISCP is a Chartered Physiotherapist based in South Dublin, and has been working professionally as a physiotherapist since 2010.

Sean’s greatest skill is his ability to locate tension, spasms, knots and sore tissue in the body quickly and gently. His ability to diffuse those issues is effective and immediate, and patients routinely describe him as having ‘magic hands‘.

His approach to patients is always to firstly relieve pain, and to secondly find and treat the underlying cause to that pain.

His training includes a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Physiotherapy from Trinity College Dublin, and 9 years of hands-on clinical experience.

Working at The Court Clinic (www.courtclinic.ie) Sean has progressed his knowledge and skills in the treatment of foot and ankle issues.

A member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists, Sean has a special interest and skill in the management of ankle instability and ankle sprain.

Sean has played a leading role in preparing The Court Clinic for it’s new Myolux ankle device, a ground-breaking assessment tool designed to diagnose and aid rehabilitation of weak ankles.

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