Workplace Exercise Classes

A midday exercise class is an ideal supplement to the working day. Sean incorporates individual stretching for important muscles and joints throughout the body, as well as strengthening of the body’s core postural muscles.

Improved flexibility and posture goes a long way towards relieving everyday aches and pains, particularly those associated with desk jobs. And the class isn’t too sweaty, sore or exhausting so you can return to your work feeling refreshed.

Costs: €120 per class.

Length: 55 minutes per class.

Class Sizes: 20 persons per class.

What you get:

  • All equipment supplied, all your employees have to do is show up in comfortable clothing. All you need to provide is a suitable room.
  • Classes are led by me, a Chartered, insured, experienced Physiotherapist who can talk to your patients about their individual issues.
  • Increased afternoon energy levels and reduced aches and pains for your employees.