Pregnancy Massage Therapy

What is different about a Pregnancy Massage?

  • All massage sessions for pregnant women are carried out in the side-lying position, to allow access to your back while maintaining the safety of you and your baby.
    • If possible, Sean will get you to switch from one side to the other half way through the appointment to facilitate massage on both sides of your back.
  • Deep tissue massage to your calves is avoided as the risk of a clot is significantly higher during pregnancy.
    • However he can ease tension in the calf with passive stretching, which feels quite nice.
  • Pillows will be used to provide sufficient support for your bump in this position.


Will I have to undress for my massage?

  • You will be invited to undress to a level with which you are comfortable.
  • If you desire massage therapy for your legs, we ask that you wear a pair of shorts, a shirt or a dress.
  • If you desire massage therapy your upper or lower back, we ask that you remove your t-shirt. Towels will provided for your comfort.
  • If you desire massage therapy for your upper back, we will ask that you un-clip your bra strap.

Why choose a Physiotherapy Massage?

  • Sean is a Chartered Physiotherapist, a qualified healthcare professional.
  • Physiotherapists take a detailed history from you prior to massage, enabling them to tailor the treatment to your needs.
  • Physiotherapists can also advise you on exercises, stretches and techniques to help ease your burden that are safe for pregnant women.

What benefits can you expect?

  • Reduced levels of stress and anxiety.
  • Easing of aches and pains, particularly in your lower back and upper buttocks.
  • Decreased swelling in your limbs, particularly in your legs.
  • Reduced cramping in your muscles, particularly in your legs.
  • Improved quality and duration of sleep, especially if massage is carried out prior to sleeping.
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