Custom & Stock Orthotics

More common than you think!

Orthotic insoles are used by people all around you, including top athletes trying to prevent shin splints, and active older adults trying to accommodate bunions and foot arthritis. I’ve been wearing them for years so I can say with confidence that well-prescribed orthotics can be extremely comfortable and beneficial.

Do you need Orthotic Insoles?

If any of the following issues affect you, you might require Orthotic Insoles:

  • Foot, Knee, Hip or Ship pain when you start exercising more frequently or at higher intensity.
  • Foot deformities like bunions or fallen arches. 

Your foot shape is unique to you, and to a large extent is inherited from your parents. In order to prescribe a pair of orthotic insoles for you, a Comprehensive, Detailed Assessment of your foot posture is required. We’ll examine your foot in a standing position and a lying position, as well as walking and running as appropriate.

Stock Orthotics

Stock orthotics pre-made insoles designed to address the most common types of foot abnormalities and issues. They are cheaper than Custom Orthotics because they don’t require a mould or cast of your foot to be taken.

  • Stock Orthotics start from €40, prices vary depending on the orthotic prescribed.



Custom Orthotics

If there isn’t a Stock Orthotic suitable for your foot shape, then Custom Orthotics will be required. To make these, we take a mould or cast of your foot. This mould is sent with our Comprehensive, Detailed Assessment to the laboratory where a Custom Orthotic device is constructed specifically for your.

  • Custom Orthotics typically cost €200. .

Please note, the above prices are exclusive of the Physiotherapist’s assessment fee, which is €50.

Orthotics for all Occasions

When prescribing an orthotic, we are particularly interested in the footwear/activities that cause your pain. Therefore, we make/prescribe insoles that are suitable for the following activities, as well as standard insoles designed for runners/trainers.

  • Football boots
  • Golfing shoes
  • High-Heeled shoes


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