Rehabilitation Programmes

Your Posture Assessment will highlight the bio-mechanical issues that need to be addressed in your body.

Using that information, a comprehensive Rehabilitation Programme will be developed, specifically tailored to improve these issues.

Patients that attend for 4-6 physiotherapy rehabilitation sessions 3-4 weeks apart see fantastic results.

These sessions will involve treatment to address issues that exercise alone will not solve. In addition, exercises will be progressed according to how much you have improved since the last session.

Muscle Length:

Muscles that are too short (tight) will need to be stretched out. You will carry this out in your home exercise programme.

If there is spasm or tension in the muscle or surrounding tissue, Sean will treat this with manual therapy.

Muscle Endurance:

A lack of fitness in key postural muscles will be addressed through your home exercise programme.

You’re progress will be reassessed at every session, and exercises will be made more difficult according to the progress you have made.

Range of Motion:

The range of motion in a particular joint can be restricted for multiple reasons. In these sessions, Sean will mobilise the joint, stretch muscles or preform traction on the joint according to what is required.

The range of motion will be reassessed at each visit to ensure that it is improving.

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