Cardiac, Pulmonary and Weight Rehabilitation

We provide individual rehabilitation services for patients with cardiac, pulmonary or weight problems. Many patients prefer to engage in rehabilitation on their own as opposed to in group services, and we specialise in providing this service.

Why Refer to Us?

  • Chartered Physiotherapists: All our programmes are led and delivered by chartered physiotherapists, ensuring a high standard of healthcare.
  • Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring: We monitor heart rate and oxygen saturations throughout exercise sessions to ensure sessions are effective while maintaining safety.
  • Regular Reassessment: We reassess patients every 6 weeks while participating in programmes, and can send you summary reports of those results (with the patients permission), keeping you up to date with your patients progress.
  • Comprehensive Assessments: Our assessments involve all of the following elements:
    • Exercise Stress Test (Heart Rate Monitoring, response to exercise)
    • Lung Function Test (Spirometer)
    • Percentage Body Fat (Electrical Impedance or Callipers)
    • Body Mass Index (Electronic Weighing Scales & Free-Standing Height Measure)
    • Waist Circumference (at the Umbilicus)

How to Refer:

Have your secretary or your patient contact us directly using the details below.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0861546175

Example of Summary Report


Download – Sample Health Report

Download – Sample Exercise Test Report

Download – Sample Exercise Session Report







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